Meet Nayantara

EXCERPT: That night, as the second radiator sputtered to life to heat up my living room in preparation for the midnight freeze, I steeped a hot cup of cardamom tea and sat down with my laptop. The HotDrive I received in the mail had two folders in it titled “Photos” and “Academic/Med Records.” I opened up the photograph files on my computer screen to review them in a spread, hoping to see funny similarities like look-alike noses or hairstyles, or phenotypical indicators that suggested people from 150 years ago were indeed related to me somehow. I spent a few happy seconds imagining a distant aunt who had the same smile as me, or an unknown radical Marxist uncle who lived in the revolutionary years before the Great Global Split…


Just Info’s work is focused on addressing the needs of communities who are victims of over-policing and/or biased and intimidating interactions with police. Through the introduction of anti-oppression tools presented by Nayantara in our very first meeting, we have been able to evaluate our established protocols, address decisions where implicit bias and oppressive assumptions might affect our work, and begin embedding equity into the intuitive culture of our organization.

 I could not recommend Nayantara Sen with more passion.  I can only imagine the progress we would be lacking without Nayantara’s hand and insight, and am ever excited to find and explore new paths toward greater equity with her aid.” 

–Nathan Sheard, Core Staff, Just Info.